BMG Live!

BMG has had great success in planning, managing, and executing large stand alone events such as music festivals and athletic events. BMG takes event processes and applies them to major events. This includes using the latest in computer automated design (CAD) for state of the art logistics, to emergency action plans, to managing entertainer’s specific rider requirements. BMG’s focus on detail allows us to stay on budget while delivering exceptional attendee experiences.

Also with BMG’s expertise in staging/production, clients can expect their product is being delivered with the impact they desire, and at a budget they require. BMG has the capability to provide turn key services for a concert or athletic event. BMG is also the support company to provide the heavy lifting required to execute major events.

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Here are some of the artists that BMG has had the privilege of working with. Take a look!


address: 8 W. Louisiana St., Indianapolis, IN 46225
phone: (317) 705-9910